Your Nose Knows Worst smell on the Earth

You may have heard a well know saying “Your nose knows?” Whoever invented that phrase hit the nail right on the head. Especially when it comes to Good smell and Bad smell. Good smell is the one which is been seen on the dresses and in the purses of women’s. Likewise, many people have a different taste of smell. With that being said, everyone’s nose is different. And if your smell made this list, don’t be offended. If you love it, Who cares what other people think? We’re all for sticking with your faves. Offensive odors can get in your nose and stay there. And some of the worst smells in the world are pretty common, whether it’s wet dog, bad breath, skunk or sewage. If body odor, vomit, and rotten egg are your thing, then this list of pungent stenches is for you.

Rotten Egg
A truly rotten egg is not just a yucky smell, but the kind that explodes a gray muck of death is the WORST smell EVER! Beyond anything, I have ever encountered in my whole life! No poop or even rotten animal can compare to the smell of rotten egg. THE WORST! I pray I never have to smell this ever again! This smells strangely like my dog’s fart. But not as bad.


Vomit is one of those odors where you definitely get what you put in, and then some. The smells of whatever you ate or drank will eventually make their way into vomit. eew, just the smell alone makes me want to throw up myself. Just the smell of vomit makes me gag.


Feet smell. It’s a fact. And 9 times out of ten, not in a good way. And while I may enjoy a stink others would describe it as ‘nauseating,’ for the majority of people, getting a whiff of someone’s foot can be an unpleasant experience, especially if the feet in question were extremely potent. So whether it was someone else’s feet or your own after a particularly long day at work, the feet feel free to share your horror stories/experiences to all.


Dog Fart
If you have a dog that farts, you can relate with this. If a dog fart has woken you up in the middle of the night, you know how bad it smell’s then. Just pray to god your dog doesn’t fart on a Eviscerated Decomposing Body. I’ve often wondered what they put in dog food that makes dog farts smell so horrible. Isn’t that terrible?


Beer Poo
It is the worst substance known to man, so much so that if I got it on my skin now, I would need to go off sick possibly for about 12 months or may be more than that also. The beer poo involves producing poo which is so watery and evil, it makes its way down your trousers and into your shoes. The smell would put you off food until a week.What is even worse than these smells is the thought that smells can be particulate too. So, not only are you smelling them, you are tasting them too.

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