What all things in India is banned

Ban on some movies.
The sexual scene, smoking scenes are totally banned from Bollywood movies. Movies like Fifty Shades of Grey in Indian theaters and Dirty Politics were some of the films that got banned recently for not conforming to the law or rules. Censor board thinks that banning such things from movies will improve the country.


Ban on Beef in Maharashtra
Beef is strictly banned in some state of India. Rs.10k or 5 years of Jail if caught having beef in such states. because of the cattle’s traditional status as an endeared and respected living being too many in Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism.


Kissing in Public
Yes…Kissing is the ban on Indian street. It is illegal to express love in public. Any type of such affection in public is strictly not allowed.


Watching Porn
Pornography is totally illegal in India. In an age where the porn industry is a legitimate business in many countries around the world, it is very difficult, almost impossible to understand porn in India. Many of Porn websites were banned by the government of India.


Alcohol Advertisement
Advertising Alcohol is oldest in this list. Since 1990’s, it is illegal to advertise Alcohol beverages in India. In fact, some states in India have taken one step forward by strictly prohibiting the use of alcohol.


Homosexuality is a hot topic in the world, many other countries including India have banned homosexuality against the law of LGBT’s. There are some countries that showed support by legalizing it.


Partying with Foreign Invitees
Partying with foreign invitees can now land you in Jail. Karnataka government has barred parties organizing from inviting people with foreign nationality to parties unless granted permission by the government.


Smoking in Public Places
Aware of this law, you cannot smoke in public places in India. Fine and Jail for doing so. This move is the very good initiative by the government. Other than smoking, selling of other tobacco containing products are also banned altogether in some states.

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