Useless websites that exist on Internet

Over a billion websites exist and still counting, out of which some are useful and some are weird and irritating. Finding such weird website on the web is a challenging task and Why would you do that LOL..!!!
We MomoInvent brought you some irritating websites lists. So just enjoy by sharing it with your friends.

Koalas to the Max
An interactive pointless exploration of circularized koalas created, with love.

One for the pet lovers.

Bury me with my money
Good for passing time seeing a small GIF.

Try Pap
The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

Eel Slap
One of my favorite and most irritating too.


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Open on your own Risk. Most irritating content. Why such website exist..?

The Internet Fire Place
Get Ready for Winter.

Endless Horse
When you visit this website there will be a horse which is made by text but the horse will never end.

Republique des Mangues
No Idea what they got doing this.

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Thats The Finger
Can have fun with your friends.

Bees Bees Bees
Again No Idea what they got doing this.

Falling Falling
Collection of hampus lindwall.
You have finally reached the end of the internet!
There’s nothing more to see, no more links to visit.

Badger Badger Badger
Nothing to explain. Just Visit it.

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