Top 5 Website used by Professionals

Category: Productivity
Prezi one of the best visual storytelling software an alternative to traditional slide base presentation. It provide the power of “Conversational Presenting” presentation style in which presentation follow the flow of dialogue. Useful in Business and conferences or for educational purposes say for Presenting your project.


Category: Productivity
Canva amazingly simple graphic design software. It is and easy to use application which provide a drag and drop interface which eases everything else. Good part of Canva is, it have a pre-defined social media sizes with many free templates. You can upload images use custom fonts and it provide various file format for download. Use this site I Loved it, helped me setting up initial posts and Facebook page.


Category: Productivity
ChartGo a tool for creating vibrant and professional charts online. Creating a Graph in excel is a tedious job, so you can take help of this tool to create a good professional charts. Complicated and boring charts can be replaced with some good pie or a stock chart and with many other templates which this tool provide.


Category: Email
Rapportive is an Chrome Plugin which is used to show the details of the contacts right inside your inbox. This plugin is by LinkedIn. It will replace your sidebar with relevant details of who you’re emailing with. You’ll see the picture, their location, social media links and even your past conversation details.


Scrivener (Literature and Latte)
Category: Content Creation
is a powerful tool for content – generation for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. It is a word processor for authors. Scrivener will make it easy to map, outline, research, compose and edit a long-form book projects. This is paid tool. (Current Cost is $40).


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