Things that Amazon ban on their site

All of the e-commerce sites have some or the other policies. Adhering to such policies they ban products to sell on their portal. Here are some products you are not aware that got ban by the largest e-commerce site AMAZON. They were also criticized by many for doing so.

Confederate Flag
The Confederate Flag has long been in controversy in the United States from 1861. This flag has the historical association with racism, slavery, segregation and white supremacy. Racism has played a major role in recent time. The Confederate States of America used three national flags during the American Civil War. The latter two incorporated the “Southern cross” canton that was widely recognized as a symbol of the Confederacy by 1863. So amazon decided to remove this product to oppose racism.


Whale Meat
Whale where hunted for meat and oil in middle ages. Consumption of whale meat by Humans is controversial and has been criticize by critic on wildlife conservation and animal rights grounds.


Gun shaped iPhone Case
Though the product was harmless to human it increasingly created a chaos when men carrying this case was surrounded by the police who thought he was a threat to the public. There were many cases of delaying the checking process on airport due to such products. So police and other major authority requested to take down such product which can cause a mishap.


Magnetic Balls
This tiny Bucky ball which seems harmless toy, but more than 1000 children were hospitalized for swallowing them. Swallowing any foreign object will cause many problems. It can block through loops of the gastrointestinal tract. The force created through the bowel or stomach wall may result in pressure necrosis and eventual perforation.


Lads’ Mags
Lads’ Mags a men magazines which focus on fashion, gadgets. It also contains non-nude photography or ‘guy tales’ of sexual encounters which are the reason of being the ban on Amazon.

Video Game banned online
The simulator that was designed as se3ual assault simulator. Such cruel games were strictly not allowed by Amazon.
Video Games such as:
– Rapelay: Objective of this game is to stalk and rape women and her 2 daughters.
– Three Sisters’ Story: tends to promote and support the use of violence to compel a person to submit to sexual conduct and the exploitation of young persons for sexual purposes

Cancer Cures
Amazon is building the team to fight fake products from appearing on its website. The plan is to create a brand registry, which will help ensure product sold under a brand name is genuine and original. Amazon will be forming something called Brand Central to help smaller and large brands to manage the intellectual property and stop scammers from selling fake products.

Love for Hitler Taglines on Shirts
I Love Hitler
Hitler a German politician who was the leader of Nazi Party was one of the cruel leader known. So favoring such Leader’s Tagged T Shirts will eventually lead to cruel act, so Amazon immediately removed the product from the shelves.

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