Things Guys Never Tell But They Think About It

Girls are not only one who is complicated and full of mysteries, sometime Guys do the same. Some times guys do not say what they want and instead they replace it with something else. Well, maybe they don’t say it to our face because we might get mad and become overthinking. Let’s discuss about these phrases that not every guy is open enough to tell us girls. Some of those phrases are actually meaningful, let’s take a look!

1. Waiting – ‘I Hate Waiting’
Punctually is the key, even if he doesn’t say anything about you being late, you still have to know this. Don’t make a guy wait for you so often no matter how long your makeup or manicure takes. It is not about a girl or a guy, people don’t like waiting in general. Just because he doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he doesn’t mind.

2. Attention Please – ‘Me Too requires an Attention’

Feminine or masculine doesn’t matter. What matters is every human being wants attention and caring from their significant others. A guy might appear strong and independent, but sometimes he also wants his lady to ask if he’s fine as well.

3. Stay Away from your friends – ‘I Don’t Like Your Friends’
Not all friends the girls have are nice to the guys that they’re going out with. Normally, guys don’t tell the girls that they don’t like their friends since there might be a war. They will just keep it to themselves, and hopefully, there will be a good chance to let the girls know.

4. No Money – ‘I Can’t Afford It’
Somehow men think that it is embarrassing to not being able to afford something. Men also think his self-esteem will be shot down if he says it out loud that he can’t afford it. Instead, they offer other deals or turn things way round to change the subject. Unless it is a very tense situation, men will never speak straight forward that he cannot afford things.

5. Don’t Ask Stupid Question – ‘Don’t Ask Me If You Look Fat’
Well, girls always do that. We love asking about our figure without knowing it is a pressure to the guys. And we also know that we want the answer that we want to hear. We might look like a whale, but the guys will still reply ‘Nah, you look great don’t worry.’.

6. Confidence – ‘I Love Confident Girls’
This is something that you should know. Guys always fall for girls who are confident, the girls who trusts herself when she does something. A woman with confident issues seem to be less attractive no matter how good she looks. The truth is that no man would want to be with the girl who doubts herself all the time.

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