Things to avoid to become Successful People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

A lot of things comes to mind that needs to be added in your life, like learning a new skill or fulfilling some dream.

But are you doing anything important to realize those goals..? and What action did you take today towards your success.

Regardless of the goal or desire you set, it is very often you faced with an inability to implement all of this. We find it difficult to understand and accept the fact that something just doesn’t work for us, the thing is, there will be many time you need to let go certain things to achieve success, like following items.

1. Doing all by yourself – Overconfidence
Asking for help is a grown-up’s game, one that’s been mastered by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. You know who doesn’t ask for help? Petulant children and arrogant people.
You? You’re smart. And it’s perfectly human if you find asking for help to be a little tough. Learning how to kick that “all by myself” attitude to the curb can make you look like the smartest person in the room.
– Avoid workload
– Enjoy Free Time
– Avoid unnecessary stress
– Learn to overcome


2. Trying to Justify – Excuses
The ability to avoid making excuses and focus on the task at hand is seriously underrated. Building self-discipline is all about putting an end to excuses. It’s about taking responsibility for your behavior and your life. It’s about getting the most out of all life has to offer. And, if you want to get the most out of life, you have to get up off of your backside and go after your goals. There are many things which can come between you and your goal and, some of them will lie outside of your control. Some points to avoid excuses:
– Take Responsibility
– Focus only what matters
– Long Term Goals
– Expect Challenges


3. Being always late – Unpunctuality
Most of us know people who are always on time because they hate being late. I fall into this category; in fact, I’m paranoid of being tardy. I get to places embarrassingly early. There is no need to give advice on how to be on time because everyone knows how to be on time. (Here’s the proof: If the President of the United States invited you to dinner would there be any risk that you’d be late? No.). There are various reasons. The most common include:
– Uneasiness of being early
– Sometimes you do not want to be early to be polite
– There is an opportunity cost associated with getting somewhere early


4. Avoid Saying YES Always – Over Helpful
People have a deep need to be liked by others. So they go out of their way and do things to make others like them.
An egoism is often the cause of such tendency. You care about the way people perceive you, so you accept more work than you’re capable of. You do that because you don’t want to ruin your already established impression of helpfulness.
This behavior leads to a huge problem. You aren’t able to finish all your tasks on time. And you aren’t either able to achieve the quality you’re expected to deliver. So think it over a few times before accepting a gratuitous task.
Remember, ‘Yes’ is not always the right answer.


5. Spending Time on Non-Productive work – Roaming Around
Most people start their days without a roadmap and end up aimlessly wandering around what’s important, wasting time along the way. Sadly, those who choose to skip planning mistakenly believe they are saving time, a fully obvious to your boss, co-workers, and clients Honestly, 5 minutes is all you need to establish a short list of tasks, create a daily schedule, and prioritize your activities in the order of importance. By creating a plan each morning you’ll have much more success in follow-through on what matters most.


6. Spending Money on Pleasure and Entertainment – Spending
Succesful people are sparing or economical as regards to money or food. They always spend on quality and useful things rather on useless stuff. Always make a simple budget even if you don’t need it to avoid unnecessary expenses. When they do spend money, it’s so that they can make even more money. For example, paying off your debts so that money you’ve been paying in interest can now be used to invest in your business or an online class that will enhance your skills — as opposed to buying tables at a club to impress your freeloading friends.


7. Not setting daily Goals – Milestone
successful people set more specific goals. Instead of saying “I’m going to lose some weight” or “I will have more customers”, they say – “I will lose 5 kilograms” or “I’ll find three customers within the next month.” Try it right now, set a specific goal that you can reach by the end of this week. When you realize that your task is achieved exactly how you want and when you want, you will be able to achieve any given target without a problem.


8. Avoid Negative Thoughts – Negativity
Positive thinking influences person’s life. Your thoughts attract action. When we think of something bad, this means that we have a tendency to be in the depressive state. While person remains in such mood, he or she is more likely to notice only bad things around, and it happens are on a subconscious level. This only makes us feel even more depressed and doesn’t allow us to break out of this circle of unpleasant events. Try to find something that you like doing and do it. Doing things that you enjoy will help you to stay positive!


9. Waiting for Chance – Luck
Successful people don’t sit around waiting for luck. They go out and work to make their own luck by always being prepared, optimistic, and open-minded. They’re ready to seize the next opportunity when it appears. Abraham Lincoln said, “I will prepare and my day will come.” In other words, prepare, study, learn — and the right person or right situation will show up — and you will be in a position to recognize it because you will have prepared for that right time.


10. Not Developing Yourself- Fixed Mindset
People with a fixed mindset believe that traits like intelligence or talent are fixed, which means that they can’t change these traits. As a result, they devote their time in documenting these traits, instead of developing them.
Those with a growth mindset believe that traits can be developed or improved through dedication and hard work. Because of this, they’ll invest in learning and acquire new skills.

Along with this some healthy habit should also matter
Healthy Habits to Achieve Dreams