Task to Automate on computer as a Programmer

As a programmer or a techie, we can write some small algorithm or program that can ease your life at home or workplace. Some of my idea I will like to share, you can also share your ideas in comment sections. I will be working on this ideas and will try sharing it with you if I succeed. So BOOKMARK this page. Will also try developing your ideas if possible.

Application to wish friends on their Birthday on Facebook
We can write a program that can automatically wish your friends on their birthday. We usually tend to forget this activity on Facebook. If anyone of our readers has it, please do post the link for this.

Live Football score application
I am a big Football fan. I usually miss the live match due to office work. So rather doing work at the office I tend to open website for the live score. So wanted to create an app that can fetch live score, standings and many other details at ease.

Pop-up when used the specific word while chatting
I tend to use words that are inappropriate while chatting so I wanted something that can correct me or notify me before texting some of this words.

Auto-Download my crush pics
I wish I could do that…!!! I always surf social networking sites for my crush latest uploads. So I wish I could develop something that automatically download me the latest pics.

Movie suggesting AI
Sometimes I get bored sitting alone at home doing nothing and usually this time I cannot recall some good movies to watch as my mind is as lazy as me. So I usually wanted to create an app that will suggest me some good movies, but before starting off with idea I got this website
Suggest Me Movie

Internet news is full of irrelevant data and with this time to read such a lengthy info is time-consuming. So wanted an application that will summarize the given document or given URL.
I have a created such application in PHP that will provide you with relevant sentences from the paragraph.

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