Start Encrypting your life with help of this Tips

Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. Once you encrypt any essential data you need a specific key or any means of authorization from the owner to view or edit that particular data. You are partial aware of this encryption, to be more specific you are partially using it in your day to day life, just for an example the credit transaction you do credit cards number are transferred over a encrypted connections, WIFI connections, watching cable TV the digital signals are encrypted to avoid theft and many more.
Will share you some 100% free and 100% legal way towards securing your privacy. If you bother locking your doors at night you should bother using encryption.

“Be prepared” — The Scout Motto

Preparing yourself from any type of potential threat that could be life or any private data from attackers. Here attackers could be anyone who is trying to access your data to whom you haven’t given permission to do so- so they might be hackers, a corporation or a government.

TIP 1: Hard Drive Encryption
Device encryption helps protect your data by encrypting (“scrambling”) it. Only someone with the right encryption key (like a password) can decrypt (“unscramble”) it. Both Windows and Mac OS have a built in full-disk encryption, you just need to Turn it ON.


TIP 2: Turn ON Mobile password protection
Now a days all the major works are done on smartphones so encrypting data on smartphones are also an essential part. There are various ways to do it, simplest is to turn on Password Protection, Design Pattern or most secured is to turn on Fingerprint identification. But this above methods are also not enough just try to keep your password secret.


TIP 3: Private Encrypted Message
There are many application out their in market that can provide you the best privacy by encrypting the chats. One should not share any bank details or any other that can harm you in some or the other way rather use a private and a secured way to share such details (But whispering such details to some is best option to do so rather sending it on electronic channel). Event though security have been tighten but it is not fool proof any can spoof in and can sniff of the useful data easily and quickly. Some of secure chat application are listed below.
encrypted-156514_6401. Signal Private Messenger
2. Whatsapp
3. Telegram
4. Text Secure
(Will try to write a small post on this application)


TIP 4: Secure Surfing
Browsers that provide Incognito Mode isn’t private enough following parties can able to snoop in on your network activity:
1. ISP
2. System Admin (Network In charge at College or Workplace)
3. Browser Owner.
Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari are no longer secure.
No System can provide you 100% Security. Tor (The Onion Router) an alternative to many such browsers. This application provide many onion like layers to mask network activity. This application with lot much feature is free, open source and reasonably easy to use.


TIP 5: Search in private
If any browser isn’t convenient enough for you, you can atleast search privately using Duck Duck Go. This search engine does not track you. You can get encrypted Googleduckduckgosearch-engineSearches using this, you only need to prefix search with “!google” that’s it.


TIP 6: Two Factor Authentication on your Inbox (Most Important)
Inbox is the most important of all this, if you compromises it, attackers only cannot read your private mails but also can reset your passwords, change bank details or even can have access to your Social Media accounts.
The simplest way to secure your inbox to enable the two factor authentication that is you need follow 2 steps in order to access your inbox. Just say a Password and a OTP on your mobile sounds more secure right..!!!
Gmail allows you to do this, but you just need to Active it.
Link for this ->


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