Rush Hours looks same around the world

Getting up and going office is just a simple task but this activity is carried out by millions other every day and at the same time. When you stuck in such traffic with thousand others, it is hard to think Rush Hour as anything but a miserable affair. But if we look at a positive angle even the most stressful experience can be beautiful.

Here, I have listed some Rush Hours in some countries some are stressful in reality and some more relaxing to watch.

Local Trains in Western Lines, Mumbai, India
The Western Line sees the most passengers during the morning rush hour. Traffic is heaviest between Mumbai Central and Bandra. The Central Line also sees its fair share of traffic, especially between Dadar and Mulund. Meanwhile, the Harbour Line’s morning rush hour is fairly calm in comparison to the other two lines that is Central and Harbour.
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Moscow, Russia
The city is huge with the large population of 12 million of people. But have added 2-3 million of visitors and
non-registered residents to that number. There are almost 4 million cars registered in the city and an unknown number
of cars come from elsewhere – either Moscow region or other regions to Moscow daily. Moscow takes more than 1000
square km of land.


Venice, Italy
Venice consists of more than 100 individual islands. It has a network of over 170 water channels. There are much
larger and smaller islands of lagoons around it. With access road to the port by Venice. There is one thing common in
them is that they don’t have any roads connected to them. So you won’t be able to see any cars around yourself. There
are many water taxis, gondola’s, ferries and all kinds of a boat moving around every day through the city and due to
which it creates a lovely traffic.


Rural Ireland
Have you ever thought rush hours could look like this also in rural Ireland? I’d rather be in Sheep traffic than deal
with any other traffic. Isn’t that looks amazing?


Train attendants at work in Tokyo, Japan
Japan has some of the world’s most infamously crowded trains, particularly the nation’s capital, Tokyo. The country
is actually a chain of more than 6,500 islands ranging in size to the main island of Honshu, with an area of nearly
90,000 square miles. You’ve likely seen photographs of people pressed together in crowded trains and subways in
Japan. If you are planning a trip to this unique country, do not be intimidated.


Train ride in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, many people ride on the roofs of trains as frequently because that is the only space available. For
others, the fares for traveling are too high and can be avoided or reduced by traveling on the roof. What is shocking
is just how little these people will risk their lives for. However, the riding on roofs and other parts of train
exteriors leads to regular accidents, many of them fatal.


Beijing, China
Beijing’s Subway Network now has 17 subway lines (Some of which are named by numbers, and others are named after their final end-stations. One of the most useful lines may be the Airport Express line which runs from Beijing International Capital Airport to Dongzhimen via Sanyuanqiao) and runs smoothly, making transportation within Beijing extremely convenient. Currently, some of the lines are extending further into Beijing’s growing suburbs.

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