Why to Gym if you can PLAY. (Sports over Gym)

Running for an hour on treadmill to remain fit has lost its appeal. You can switch to something other than workout in gym to one that feels more like play. Sports is a very good medium to remain fit and healthy. “Ohh Sports!!… Every one will be thinking of Cricket and Football.”…. Yes that is true in India no game is better then this to start of with day to remain fit. Playing sports is considered a great way to develop self-confidence, leadership skills and discipline. So you can start of with any sport that you like and can help you remain fit.


First will share you some fitness facts
– Increase Energy
– Boost Brainpower
– Lets you eat more and more…
– Performance Booster
– Reduce Disease Risk
– Pumps your Heart
– Reduce Stress


Top Sports to Play to remain fit which can be a best replacement for GYM. (My Personal List)

    Playing this game can gain you with numerous ways. Fast footwork, agility and endurance are just few essential point. Constant running on field will provide you a good Cardio workout.

    – Helps Lower Body Fat: Playing this game helps burn fats. Football playing burns more calories then other workout or sports as you are forced to aerobic energy in your game.
     – Muscle Strength: Lower body strength is required for kicking ball, jumping, tackling. Upper body part to getting control of opponent, shielding ball, throwing.
    – Bone Strength: Repetitive weight bearing loads helps you strength your bone. As you grow older this bone strength gets weak.
    – Increase Teamwork and Sharing: Football is a team game, so playing this helps coordinating power of individual.
    Basketball is good for conditioning lower body. It is a fun game that kids of all levels and ages enjoy. Strength for jumping and throwing ball helps you strengthen your muscle. Throwing ball usually strengthen your arm muscle and constant running on court will give good cardio workout.

    Calories burning: Constant running back and forth on court will burn your calories.
    – Strengthen Muscle: Passing or throwing ball will help build your arm muscle. Jumping will help conditioning lower body.
    – Improve coordination: As it is a team game playing with 4-5 players will help improve coordination.
    Swimming one the best exercise preferred then gyming. It improve heart rate and blood pressure flow. This is the only exercise in which every muscle is worked on. It not only helps in physical fitness but also improve muscle toning as water is 12 times denser than air, so it provide better toning your muscle than other exercise (Muscle toning is nothing but reducing muscle tension).

    Improve Flexibility: During swimming major muscles are used so rather working on individual muscle in gym you can strengthen them in one go with swimming.
    Improve Breathing: Studies says Asthma patient have benefited more with swimming. As unlike with gym were there is dry air, near swimming pool moisture is more which make easier to breathe.
    Mental Health: Sound of water make swimming much relaxing same as Yoga does. It is highly conductive to meditation too. It helps concentrate and drowning out static thoughts.

    Squash is not so very popular in India, but it have popularity worldwide. It is a fast moving game which provide you a very good cardio workout. It is one of the best sports for fitness. It is some of the very energetic high intensity game. One can get this benefits with more fun and being social.

    Body Coordination: It helps sharpen hands-eye coordination, as you need to continuously watch the ball and adjust your body to hit it back.
    Muscle Strength and fitness: Hitting the ball will help your shoulder get strengthen. Chasing ball by moving back and forth will lead to cardiovascular workout.
    Concentration: In the game eyes are sharply focused on ball all the time, so concentration skills are also improved. So focusing on ball and simultaneously thinking what would be the further move also improves multitasking and strategic planning ability.



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