Healthy Habits to Achieve Dreams

To achieve your dreams in this busy life, you need to improve your fundamentals. Sadly, most people have no time to build toward anything meaningful; you can say they are in Survival Mode..?
In this busy and hectic schedule no one cares about health and they only think of earning money and money.
Today what is Life it’s not waking up, get in the zone, moving, getting ready, putting food in your body.
You must do something that can move you forward. Will share you my way of towards life and to achieve millions of dreams.

Let’s Start:

1. SLEEP – Get Healthy 8 hours of sleep.
Sleep is as important as eating and drinking water. Very less sleep can lead to many health problems like:
– Can disrupt your immune system.
– Can put you some weight.
– Can disrupt your sex life.
– Can irritate you and moody the following day.
– Decrease fertility
– Increase in heart diseases.

So sleep is very important to stay healthy, so I have mentioned Sleeping as No.1 point in this list.


If you do not take care of your body then your every aspects of life will suffer as Humans are holistic being.

Exercise in morning helps you remain fresh the whole day. Even my day start with doing a hard physical activity. Going gym, jogging, swimming or cycling are some activities you can start off with. Research says only 25% Indian population and only one third of American men and women do exercise on daily basis.

Benefits of doing exercise:
– Reduce Depression

– Helps decreases anxiety.
– Helps reduce stress.


Bathing with cold water will help facilitates physical and mental wellness. It gives long lasting changes to your body’s immune system and digestive system. Also increase weight loses because it boosts your metabolism. Research also states that taking cold water shower can reduce depression more often than any medicines.
There is initial a fear stepping in cold shower. You may have event thought out it as “Maybe tomorrow.”
What I usually do will getting in swimming is jumping rather getting in slowly, getting in slowly in swimming is a painful death.

Benefits of Cold Shower:
– Reduce depression
– Mental wellness
– improve immune system
– digestive system also improves.


After 8 hours of sleep, with some exercise and fresh cold water bath you usually need to have prayer to start off with the day. Prayer and Meditation are crucial for orienting yourself to positive. Meditation is anti depression which gives you deep rest. If you start off with day with gratitude and clarity you will attract the best the world has to offer. Prayer does not mean you have to think of god whole day. 15 – 20 min prayer in morning is enough. This will help calm mind and clarity of perception.

Benefits of prayer and meditation:
– Keeps mind calm
– Helps concentrate
– increase inner strength
– increase thinking ability

Meditation will help you remain calm and think wisely daily. So at least 20-30 mins daily you need to do meditation and prayer.


Protein intake in your breakfast is what plays the major role. Eating proteins rich food decreases carbohydrate craving. These are carbohydrate that gets you fat. As it says “Eat Breakfast like a King”. Here eating like a king is nothing but having a protein rich food.

My Recommendations for getting adequate proteins in morning:
– At least 40% of breakfast calories as proteins
– Minimum 4 Eggs (1 Eggs = 10-13 g Proteins)
– Protein shake (Should avoid if your diet have balance protein intake)
– 4 Banana (1 banana = 1 g Proteins)
– 1 Full glass of Milk.


Ordinary people seek entertainment. Extraordinary people seek education and learning. Successful people always read and constantly update themselves. Taking 30-60 mins daily for reading something new that can educate you.
Over a long enough period of time, you will have read hundreds of books. You’ll be knowledgeable on several topics. You’ll think and see the world differently. You’ll be able to make more connections between different topics.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. –Alice Walker”

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