Guys Must Avoid Doing This On First Date

Always be prepared for your first date, even one thing can lead to unhappy moment. So before such incident happens guys should know about things they must not do on the first date. Every single thing is applicable not just on the first date but on every single date.

Remember if you succeed your first date, there will be more to come.

So just follow this few steps and have some memorable dates with the woman you like.


1. Going “The Dutch Way”
It is true that some women don’t like men to pay the bill for her. However, guys must be firm and insist to pay if it is the first time you meet her. You can insist her to pay the second time when you meet so you will be getting a second chance of dating her. Do not get into an argument for this, if she insists try dividing the bill.

2. Turning Up Late
Don’t ever keep your lady waiting. Guys don’t let that happen. If a woman who takes hours to get ready is on time, you have no excuse to be late. To avoid being late, try managing your time for at least that special day. Make sure you have all the time in the world on that day. Avoid messing up in traffic and getting a lame excuse for getting late, so plan accordingly.


3. Unwell Dressed
This is something more important as looks do matter and if it is your first date then definitely, Yes!!!. That does not mean you will undress the next time you meet. There are men who do not care to look nice on their first date, from head to toe. And imagine you don’t dress nice and turn up late, yes imagine that. The first impression lasts for a long time, make sure to maintain that. Not too casual, not too formal, and please don’t dress weird.


4. Preoccupied by HIMSELF
A person who keeps on talking about himself is a very annoying individual and it applies to any gender. Even if you are smart, fit, and handsome, don’t talk about your grades. A date is supposed to be an occasion for both of you to get to know each other. Therefore, the topics should be about both of you. So try finding what she likes, what she does in free time and stuff like that rather concentrating on your good or over smart qualities.


5. Getting Sloshed
Who would want to go on a date with a guy who cannot control his drinking? No matter if you are good or bad at it, never drink too much on a date. A glass of red wine will do, don’t drink yourself and mess things up.


6. Pointing Her Mistakes
Do not point her mistakes. You have to balance between compliment and criticism. Do not compliment too much, she will think it is not honest and you want something from her. It is a good thing to make sure that she feels good with her on a first date. She might not know how to use chopsticks and stuff, but remember to not make fun of her flaws.


7. Boring – Complaining alot
No, don’t be that man who hates everything in the world both during the first date and in general. There are individuals who just don’t like anything around them. Don’t be grumpy, and cribs about things that you hate. That will lead to a rough and boring conversation. Women like nice guys, so are optimistic and look at the world in a brighter side even if it’s not.

So always concentrate on her on your first date. Though shall never talk about exes during first date, if the question is not asked. But one way or another, try to avoid mentioning and talking about your exes. Neither compliment nor criticize your ex, just leave the person in the past. You go on this date for a reason, leave the exes thing behind if you’re ready to move on.

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