Excellent Opportunity out of Demonetisation

As part of Demonetization, we expect 5 to 7 Lakh crore to come in banking system which will eventually benefit the economy.
As citizens of this country, many of us must have deposited or about to deposit the surplus cash in our bank accounts. We can use this money for our benefit.



1. Park money for short term:
Invest money in fixed income funds giving 8 to 9% yields. These returns are way better than bank FDs which are giving just 7% returns. You have same flexibility and superior returns.


2. Invest in equity funds from 3 years perspective:
Because of Demonetization, US elections etc markets have fallen which has given us opportunity to buy with return expectations going up. Historically it’s the best time to buy when markets fall.


Please don’t keep money idle in savings account at 4% taxable. Use money to make more money for yourself.

Credits: Samarth Wealth Management

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