Donald Trump 5 Facts of his All Round Personality

British Parliament debated to ban Trump to enter the country
After the petition signed by more than 586,930 Britons to deny the entry of Trump to British, the British Parliament actually gathered together to discuss whether or not Donald Trump should allow entering the country. Final comment from Government was

“The Government has a policy of not routinely commenting on individual immigration or exclusion cases.”
Signed Petition (This Petition is now closed)

Bad behavior by [email protected] boy
While he went to middle school in Queens, NY, he started getting trouble in his teen years. Parents then shipped their 13-Year-old son off to NYMA. So this behavior would not be new to their parents. He was more energetic in different terms (You understood what I meant) bfore and now too.

Inducted into Hall of Fame at WWE
Trump have hosted many WWE events at Trump’s plaza in Atlantic city and often seen in the front row of the stands. In 2007 he dropped tens of thousand of dollars to upstage Vince McMahon. After that came the Battle of the Billionaires, in which Trump earned the right to shave McMahon’s head.

Donald Trump avoid shaking hands
Jeb Bush have frequently pointed out the Trump is Germaphobe who does not like shaking hands. He like keeping his hands clean and is bothered to constantly expected to shake hands. He usually tries to avoid microbes, particularly those transmitted via touch. Even though he is not alone in the world of celebrities some of whom have been labeled germaphobes of varying degrees. But legion is the palms a president must grip.

Trump have won Razzie
Trump have once won an award for worst supporting actor in 1990 for his role in “Ghost Can’t Do It”. You’ve never heard of this movie..? So you might be lucky enough. He has acted in several movies like “The Little Rascals”, “Horrorween” and a couple of more.

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