China – The Internet Giants 2016

China ranks No. 1 in the list of countries by population. China’s population equivalent to 20% of that of the world population. Around 730 million people in China or nearly the entire Europe population uses Internet. It was around 688 million people in 2015 as per the global survey. This states that more than half population is online in China. In spite of more than 5000 websites are banned this count is increasing day by day. GOOGLE is one of those. Chinese citizen spends more than two-and-half-hours each day playing with their phones.

For 2015 – Out of 688 million, 620 million people were using mobile internet. So 90% of people in China uses a smartphone to surf online. China will be leading in e-commerce market by this year end. ALIBABA one of the major source to evolve the Internet so drastically in China.

As this is an Internet era, were the communication and commerce Via Internet became the central focus for business, consumers or government, and the media. The Internet usage is taken by China too seriously I guess. It’s just a beginning China have more than 1.377 Billion people, so you can imagine how big the China market is.

According to China Internet Network Center, in 2016, Online trading in stocks and online payments were the areas of growth, with users utilization rates increasing by 54% and 38% respectively. Some other areas for growth were in Online Banking, online travel bookings, and online videos.
Country wise Internet Users:
#1 – China : 1,378,561,591
#2 – India : 1,266,883,598
#3 – USA : 323,995,528

Total Users in China:


Internet Users in China (2016*)
Share of China Population: 52.2 % (penetration)
Total Population : 1,382,323,332
Share of World Internet Users: 21.1 %
Internet Users in the World: 3,424,971,237

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