Body Gestures During Interview

Body language is a language in which our physical attitude includes facial expressions, body posture, eye movement and the touch. People often use body gestures as a physical form of communication to convey some feelings or messages. Eye contact is the best way to give clues to how you may really feel about the same. […]

4 Interesting HR Facts

Nowadays “Human Resources Management” is a more multi – faceted field. It has no longer concerned with just basic HR functions such as just handling employee files and keeping files. HR services should always be a major concern considering how important its function is. Few Interesting Facts of Human Resources… Facts 1: Did you know..? […]

Self Improvement

How self improvement does helps? It can definitely bring a lot of change in one’s life. It is truly and unbelievably helpful for any individual whether personally or professionally. It also brings self confidence and motivates an individual to bring a massive change in the environment wherever needed. It also helps to deliver better output […]

Communication Skills

In today’s world we all are very much aware how communication skills has become a vital part of our daily life. If we communicate well and in a very appropriated manner things can be very sorted and up to the perfection. This not only helps the professionals but also the common man in this world. […]