Apple – It’s Assemble in India and not Manufacture in India

State Government states APPLE will start making iPhone in India. But before you get your hopes too high about iPhones getting cheaper to buy then hold on READ THIS FIRST.
For now, only Apple iPhone SE will only be assembled in India at the facility in Bengaluru from April 2017. There are yet no plans for latest iPhone at the moment to manufacture in India. It is only Making of iPhone and not Manufacturing taking place in India. This might be the first step by Apple to start off with something in India.

Apple has partnered with Wistron Corp. an Taiwanese manufacturing facility in Peenya. Priyank Kharge IT Minister for the state of Karnataka revealed this details about Apple manufacturing contract won by his state beating other. Apple officials have met government officials to crack the deal and discussion for long term plan. For now, they only wanted to have a Baseline for developing Apple products.

Apple saw a recording breaking sale of iPhone last year. Apple will also launch Indian Retails store in India sometimes this year. So after moving the assembling of iPhone SE in India, Apple will look forward to setup the Retail stores online in India. Currently, some Indian laws restrict them from operating their own Online Retail stores. To bypass that, Apple partnered with Flipkart during iPhone 7.

An official from Apple saying that they will be investing heavily in India, so, for now, they only plan to assemble the product and in later phase moving manufacturing in India.

So Apple will not be cheap as expected.

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