Types of Annoying Co-Workers – Don’t be One of Them

Every office has that Guy or Girl and you know what I mean. That one person Who Knows Everything, Who Talks a lot and many other weird things. Yes!! Weird things. Let me just share you some list what this species does in office and we called them Fellow Co-Workers. So don’t be this Guy/Girl or you might end being a co-workers worse nightmare.

LoudSpeaker – Who Talks too Loud
Maybe you don’t gossip to your colleagues, but you sure talk loudly on the phone to your spouse, your kids, or your friends. Maybe, you talk loudly at your desk to your doctor. Do you really think your colleagues want to hear these conversations? But what about talking loudly at your desk about work-related matters? If it’s just you on the phone, it’s quite likely distracting and disturbing to your neighbors. If it’s you talking on the speaker phone, you can bet your nearby colleagues are on the verge of snapping their pencils. Even if it’s you and another co-worker talking loudly at your desk about work matters, it’s potentially annoying. All employees should remember to be mindful of others working near them. If possible, try to make phone calls in a conference room or the hallway instead to avoid disrupting others.

Stinks – Who has Bad Body odour
It’s not the food that’s stinking up the place, we’re afraid. It’s you. Well, that’s not surprising because no one ever does. But we all do. Recognize that wherever you go, you’re leaving a smell footprint, however, in the way men and women perceive the personal scents of their coworkers. “Men seem to complain about body odor, while women complain about perfumes and colognes, claiming it bothers their allergies.” This may be chalked up to women being more “polite” in their complaining style. Either way, the reality is that if you work in an office, you ought to try to keep your own personal scent set to “nasal neutral”. This goes for your scented candles and incense as well. Don’t use them in the office. And don’t bring a cloud of smoke back to your desk if and when you pop out for a cigarette break.

Loud Ringtone – Who always have loud phone ringtone
Your personal cell phone is a problem if it’s never on mute or silent mode. In fact, it should be on mute or silent at all times in the office. “Many times people leave their phones on their desks, and might need to attend a meeting or just leave the office space. While they are away, the phone can start ringing and in some cases never stops. This is extremely annoying and distracting for everyone else.” It’s no less annoying when the person is sitting at their desk, and it’s beeping and ringing incessantly. Set it to silent, and let the rest of the office forget about it.

Robber – Who always steal others Food
There’s one simple rule of etiquette that applies in the office, “If you didn’t put it in the fridge, don’t touch it.” If it just so happens that you put food in the fridge, and someone ate it, try not to let it rattle you too much. That person will also not buy anything from Cafeteria, as he/she needs to try from your plate. If it happens on a regular basis, alert your HR manager.

Invisible – Who can’t be found
“Hey, thanks for stopping by.” If that’s something you’re hearing from your colleagues, it’s time to rethink your availability. The inability of co-workers to get hold of each other is extremely annoying. The solution? Be available. Keep a calendar and share it with your coworkers. When you’re away from your desk, leave a sticky that says when you’ll be back or how you can be reached.

News Reporter – Who gossips a lot and knows everything
TMI, as you likely know, stands for “too much information,” but it’s not just an acronym, relationship and etiquette expert, it’s an office scourge. Does anyone really want to know where you are in your menstrual cycle? Or how your fantasy football team did over the weekend? If you even had to think about it, you actually might be TMI Guy, in which case, please listen: Forcing too much information on your co-workers is an easy mistake to make because there isn’t all that much personal information that your co-workers should, or should want to, know about you. So just keep in mind that in the office, sharing is not caring.

Rude – Who never handles conflicts well
Hopefully, you’re not any of the annoying office workers discussed above. But what if you’re the one on the business end of the annoyances? “Never send out a mass email complaining about a colleague.” In some of the previously described situations, there will be room to talk to the offending person. In some cases, it’s too delicate, in which case your next step would be to ask your manager for advice.

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