About Us

What is MomoINVENT all About?
This blog was started so as to share some useful, funny and interesting facts about many topics. The site offers news, satire, blogs, and covers business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle, comedy, healthy living, and local news. All information on this website is intended to aware people about the particular topics and all information is submitted in good faith only.

Power is gained by sharing Knowledge not hoarding it.


Aavishkar Mane
I’m a programmer by profession but wanted to explore things online. One day while surfing I thought of writing blog for others who wanted to know similar interesting things which I try to surf. So on 6th of December 2016, myself and my friend “My Bestie – Momo of MomoINVENT” started with MomoINVENT. We started writing on some interesting topics which we came across on the Internet by exploring and giving more value to that topic with a touch of MomoINVENT.

So MomoINVENT will continue hosting many interesting contents on many Topics. Our motive is to aware my fellow Internet friends with some interesting facts which they are not aware of. There are far more thoughts to be implemented which will be done in near future.