8 Shocking website that one should avoid visiting

There are many websites on the web that exists, some are useful and some are crazy. The Internet is a crazy web all things here are not useful, some provide us with good information and some will shock you with its existence. From website which I have listed below, some should avoid because of the security threat as your computer will not come out in good health after your visit and some website will distract you. Yes..!! I am Serious about it, so please think before you visit such site.


1. Silk Road

URL:  This site is now closed. “Only Using TOR or such other that allows anonymous communication.”It was an online marketplace, an e-commerce site same as Amazon or Flipkart, but it only existed on Dark Market that is Dark Net. This was a first famous Darknet marketplace which was known to sell illegal drugs. Many illegal contents traded by online traders like SILK ROAD include under heading Stimulants, Psychedelics, Prescription, Precursors, other, Opioids, Ecstasy, Dissociative, and Steroids/PEDs. The fake driving license was also offered on some portal.

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2. Hashima IslandAn Forgotten Island
One of the uninhabited islands in Nagasaki Perfection. It is an abandoned island lying about 15Km from the city of Nagasaki in southern Japan. This site provides a realistic view to feel the forgotten world of Hashima to the users. It is a creepy destination not because it is abandoned but it has a dark history. It was a site for under sear coal mines before Second World War. Labor was forced to work under harsh condition and brutal treatment, due to which about 1500 laborers died on an island due to various dangers such as underground accident, exhaustion, and malnutrition. This Virtual Tour of this Island is so real that you actually feel as if you are on that island. So weak hearted you dare visit this site.


3. Human Leather
The site name is self-explanatory. It actually sales product made of Human Leather. Products are produced by human skin processed in leather by professional craftsmen. So you may be thinking from where human skin come. Well.. The site does answer your question. Human willingly donates skin before they die. Ahh…Why they do it..? Strange…!!!. Just hearing the name you can imagine the products that are sold here. Wallets, bag, shoes, belt are some products that are sold here. If you don’t want to have the sight of this product stuck in your head, better you avoid this site.

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4. Death Row
This site is very well self-explanatory, it just provides the details of Death Row Information. Texas Department of Criminal Justice provides with details of a prison in the United Nation, that are awaiting execution after being sentenced to death for the conviction of a capital crime or capital offense. This site provides with all the details from date of execution to last wish and the last word said by the prisoner during execution. The calendar is provided on the site that highlights the date of execution. Thinking it might not horrify you but reading all the messages and personal death date will surely do. So avoid visiting such site.


5. Death Map
Again a self-explainer title DEATH MAP. This site display real-time report on death occurring across the world at any given time you log on. Red dots are used as a highlighter on which every country has just had a death. Along with red dot for death, it also used green dot to show the births that are happening in the world. It also provides the religion of the dead person. This site is not creepy as other are, but if you are light hearted you cannot manage to view the death rate around the world. Anything that makes you think about your mortality or see how easy it would be for us to be red dots is not something worth thinking about.


6. Death Clock – When I am going to Die?
Personally, I don’t believe in such things about computer generating a random response death time and date. This website claims to predict the accurate death of the person. Even this is fake but it psychologically very distracting. Why involve in such things if you could not handle such stuff. So if you want to have fun with your friends do visit it but on the fun side.


7. Rotten

This site contains hundreds of articles presumably by the owner of the site with sarcastic and entertaining views under the category like Culture, Art, Crime, Medicine, Language, Conspiracy, Death, Hoaxes, History, and Biographies. Daily updated news contains links to the article that covers more bizarre and unpleasant side of life. Videos of terrorism, suicide, murder, cruelty, and abuses are the staple fare of this site. Many legal lawsuits over the year in the form of desisting were notices. In 2005, US government once ordered to remove the particular category from the site which was more disturbing for public morale. So very cruel act of mankind is listed on this site which can threaten you to many sleepless nights.


8. Bestgore
This is a News website that shows real life shocking news, photos and videos with authorized user comments. Site own by Canadian Mark Marek was charged under Canada’s obscenity law of corrupting public morale in 2012 following the hosting of a video which showed real-life murder. This site hosts explicit, real-life photographic and video material of events such as murders, suicides, torture, mutilations, and accidents. Nothing on Bestgore is pretending as it is a disturbingly real depiction of the horrors on monstrosities happening on our own planet. Many such disturbing videos you can imagine exist on this site. Such violence news I believe must not be witnessed by anyone.

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