10 Illegal Things which you do online

Internet laws are very confusing. It constantly changes as there are many loopholes and as we are not lawyers we aren’t aware of such changes. If you are a regular surfer than 99% time you will be doing illegal things unknowingly. So I listed some of the common things which everyone does and are not aware of it.

1. Blocking Ad using Ad Blocker
Even though ads that pop-up on browser during surfing sites are annoying but blocking such things are illegal as they pay for the content which you view it for free. It’s almost impossible to prosecute GIF-makes bypassing these ads, it’s almost like not paying the fare to view the content, and in some cases, ad-blocking may be illegal. For certain sites, there’s potential for billions of dollars in losses each year, due to visitors not actually seeing advertisers’ messages.ng because of its wide distribution and murky original sourcing.


2. Downloading Files and using it without permission
An obvious one, it’s actually illegal to just pull any old JPG, PNG, PDF or any type of file you’d find from a simple Google search. It’s fine to view them online as is, but once you download that image of a cat you’re Googling, you have the power to distribute it to your liking, and that’s where it becomes illegal. The exemption, of course, is if you are granted specific permission from the owner of the file, or if the material has a fair use license.


3. Connecting to unsecured WIFI networks
Accessing the unsecured WIFI is counted as illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which applies to wireless routers. So think before connecting to Starbucks WIFI across the street, even though the network there is for taking but in an authorized way.


4. Parody Account
You cannot create a parody account on a social platform without clearly labeling that its “fake”. Twitter does not allow its users to impersonate others. So, as obvious as it is that @Bill_Nye__Tho (which is legal because it correctly labels itself as not real!) isn’t actually @TheScienceGuy, Twitter fears some poor being out there might actually misidentify. It’s also against Twitter’s policy to squat on usernames, a precaution against bots and spam.


5. Bypassing Paywalls
Though it’s as simple as a few Google proxy servers, bypassing paywalls is just another way to get the content you’re supposed to pay for without actually coughing up the cash.

Eg: their Google Modules service can be used simply by typing in http://www.gmodules.com/ig/proxy?url=http://example.com/


6. Sharing Subscription Password
Of the millions who subscribe to HBO Go and Netflix, about one-third admit to having shared passwords before. Freeloading on these services isn’t hard, and in fact, studies have shown that password-sharing has helped bring new customers to these companies.


7. Registering Trademarked Domain Names
Think again the next time you’re looking to sit on a domain name before a company gets to it. That business could have the right to sue in the court of law, even though you got there first.


8. Making Memes
It’s illegal to use copyright material without permission if done so you may get into trouble. Though it’s legal to parody copyrighted material in the vein of criticism, lifting copyrighted material straight from the source is illegal. It’s almost impossible to prosecute GIF-making because of its wide distribution and murky original sourcing. So always use Stock Images to create Memes.


9. Underage Facebook Account
If you read Facebook’s terms and conditions, the social network does not allow anyone under the age of 13 to register for or operate an account. Not that this is stopping many middle-schoolers.


10. VPN and IP address Loopholes
Screwing around VPN to make IP address look like you’re in some other place is one way of finding a way around obstacles. The best example is using NETFLIX by adjusting VPN to make IP address look like you’re accessing it from America to get some blocked features in your country. Of course, it’s not technically legal, and the urge to binge-watch TV shows doesn’t help either.

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